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2D Ultrasound - Peeping Mom
Early Pregnancy Confirmation
Gender Determination
Meet your baby

5+ Weeks

Only $69

2D Ultrasound - 15 minutes

2-3 Prints

Heartbeat/rate, estimated fetal weight, position & fluid upon request

Add Ons: -My Baby's Heartbeat stuffed animal (10+ Weeks) $35

-Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry starting at $69

What to expect?

Early 1st Trimester 2D Ultrasound
3rd Trimester Baby Profile on 2D Ultrasound
2D Ultrasound of baby's feet
Doppler waveform of baby's heartbeat on 2D Ultrasound
2D ultrasound of a baby's foot

Our 2D Ultrasound services start at only 5 weeks and can be used for early pregnancy confirmation, gender determination or confirmation, or a general check on your baby.  Our 2D ultrasound service is the perfect service for moms who may also have anxiety during pregnancy and just want to check on the baby. Wanting to know the baby’s position towards the end? Curious as to what you are feeling during all of that movement going on inside of your belly? Our Peeping Mom 2D ultrasound service is perfect for moms on a budget, at an affordable price.  Come to Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique to meet your baby.

3D Ultrasound - Peepin'
Meet your baby
Baby's features
Live view into your womb

10+ Weeks

Only $99

3D/4D Ultrasound - 15- 20 minutes

3-5 Prints

15+ digital Images/Videos

Heartbeat/rate, weight, position & fluid upon request

Add Ons: -Baby 8K Images 27+ Weeks (1/$30 or 2/$55)

-My Baby's Heartbeat stuffed animal (10+ weeks) $35

-Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry starting at $69

What to expect?

3D Ultrasound image of baby's face
3D Ultrasound of 1st trimester fetus
3D Ultrasound image in the 3rd trimester

Our 3D ultrasound service – Peepin’ is another budget-friendly ultrasound service for our families.  We know that you want to meet your baby and see their little features.  We provide an awesome pregnancy ultrasound experience for moms, dads & families.  Bring up to 12 guests to compare your baby’s features to your own.  

5D Ultrasound - Peep Show
Realistic Baby Features
Live view into your womb
Meet your baby

10+ Weeks

Only $149

5D/HD Ultrasound 20-25 minutes

5-7 Prints

20+ digital Images/Videos

Heartbeat/rate, weight, position & fluid upon request

Add Ons: -Baby 8K Images 27+ Weeks (1/$30 or 2/$55)

-My Baby's Heartbeat stuffed animal (10+ weeks) $35

-Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry starting at $69

What to expect?

5D Ultrasound of 3rd trimester baby
Hyper-realistic 5D ultrasound image of baby with eyes open
5D ultrasound of baby with eyes open

5D Ultrasound, also known as HD or High definition ultrasound, is the latest technology.  The Peep Show 5D Ultrasound service will give you the most details that can be obtained by ultrasound.  Your appointment will be filled with fun, laughter, and maybe even some tears of joy as you and your family view your baby live in the womb.  The bonding experience that is created by meeting your baby before birth will be filled with memories that will last a lifetime.  

Realistic 8K Baby Imaging
Hyper-realistic features
Realistic image of your baby before birth

27+ Weeks

Only $179

Realistic 8K Baby - 5D/HD Ultrasound

7-10 prints

20-30 digital images/videos

Baby's weight, heartbeat, position, fluid, gender upon request

1 Realistic 8K Baby image (emailed separately)

Add Ons: -Additional 8K image $30 or 2/$55

-My Baby's Heartbeat Stuffed Animal $35

-Heartbeat Keepsakes Jewelry starting at $69

What to expect?

8K Baby image showing realistic features
real baby 8k hyper-realistic baby image prior to birth
8k baby image with eyes open hyper-realistic

Real 8K images are the latest and greatest wave of ultrasound add-on services.  Our 8K images are 5D ultrasound images that are transformed by artists to create the most realistic portrait of your baby before birth.  The features are hyper-realistic and unlike anything that can be produced directly by ultrasound.  A team of very talented artists transforms your baby’s 5D ultrasound image into a work of heart!  This post-processing Realistic 8K image generally takes 3-5 days after your 5D ultrasound has been performed. 

Memorable moments that only come once in a lifetime should be captured! For this reason, we offer a variety of our high-quality heartbeat stuffed animals to capture up to 20 seconds of your baby's heartbeat. Cherish the sweet sound of your baby's pitter-patter that can be cherished for a lifetime!

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique and Pregnancy Spa

We are a locally owned and operated ultrasound clinic founded by an experienced Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with 12 + years of medical experience.  We have dedicated our clinic to the services of women and families during pregnancy.

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique was founded in 2021 in Riverview, Florida providing services for the Tampa area and beyond. We provide tools and support to women during the most beautiful and happy period of their lives.

In 2022 we introduced our Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Prenatal, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Our Massage services also include belly & foot scrub services to help promote exfoliation, blood flow and aid in the decrease of stretch marks.

The Owner & Sonographer of Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique has dedicated her career caring for others compassionately.  Stormy caters to each client, taking her time to ensure that each mom gets that amazing pregnancy ultrasound experience that they deserve. She has a passion for providing experiences for moms throughout each trimester of pregnancy.  She listens and values your input with each part of your journey, whether it’s during your 1st trimester, 2nd trimester or 3rd trimester.

While Peeping Moms Ultrasound is synonymously known for our elective ultrasound services, we do offer diagnostic medical ultrasounds as well.  Whether you need Follicular Monitoring for your IVF, IUI or other infertility journey, 1st trimester trans vaginal ultrasound, 2nd trimester anatomy ultrasound or 3rd trimester growth or BPP ultrasound.  We can provide all those services to our families and beyond.

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique proudly collaborates with many locally owned, small businesses to ensure that each of our expecting moms has the resources needed to navigate through one of the most beautiful times in your life!

Thank you for allowing Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique to be a part of your pregnancy journey!