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5D Ultrasound Vs. 3D

What is 5D Ultrasound?

5D Ultrasound is a multidimensional ultrasound image that is created by the transducer providing multiple images at once, where the machine then interprets them and turns them into a volumetric image. 5D ultrasound can also be labeled as HD or high-definition ultrasound.

What’s the difference between 3D & 5D?

3D ultrasound & 5D is very similar. 3D ultrasound is a primitive technology for obtaining detailed, multidimensional images of babies. While 5D ultrasound also does this, it is said to cast a “light” onto your baby’s image, creating more detail, effects, and shadowing to give much more detail. 3D Ultrasound is more of a sepia-toned image, whereas 5D ultrasound is more of what I like to refer to as a “Rosey” tone. 5D ultrasound allows for more of a life-like rendering of the baby’s features.

1st trimester 5D ultrasound image

1st trimester 5D

1st Trimester in 5D

While of course, you have to take into consideration how far along you are, I feel like 5D ultrasound. has a unique experience in every trimester. In the 1st trimester, your 2D ultrasound looks like a grain of rice or maybe even a gummy bear in the very early stages. With 5D ultrasound, you are actually able to see those little arms and leg nubs that are forming. To me, this makes a huge difference in the perception of what is going on inside of your womb. We include a sneak peek of your baby in 3D & 5D with our 1st trimester ultrasound scans, just to give you that initial experience! It’s absolutely amazing to see those fine details and what your body is creating!

2nd Trimester 5D ultrasound

In the 2nd trimester, your baby actually looks like a tiny human now! The rapid amount of growth that goes on inside of your body is truly awesome! Even more, detail is available for us to see. Your baby has grown tremendously and is now working on a lot of the details. While the details are forming, your baby is still small at this point and doesn’t have a lot of fat. Sometimes, depending on the week you visit us for your 5D ultrasound, your baby may look a little “generic”. We start to see features, but there is still a lot of growing to be done.

2nd Trimester 5D

5D ultrasound in the 3rd trimester

This is the time frame that the real magic happens. When your baby has matured, fattened up, and is putting on the finishing touches! Our best images are typically done in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We can see the most amount of your baby’s details during this time frame.

3rd trimester 5D ultrasound

When is the best time to book an appointment?

We typically suggest that our expecting moms book their ultrasound appointment with us between weeks 27 and 34. During this time frame, your baby has matured enough to see all of the details, but also still has enough room and amniotic fluid to obtain those really beautiful 5D images. Although, we can obtain some really great images beyond the 34th week of pregnancy. We always suggest to our moms-to-be to hydrate for at least 5-7 days prior to their appointment to ensure there is enough amniotic fluid surrounding your baby.


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