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7 Weeks Pregnant


During the 7th week of pregnancy, your little baby is approximately 1 cm from crown to rump. Your baby is approximately the size of a blueberry now. Baby’s eyes and ears are developing at this stage. We can clearly see the baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound. Want to know your baby’s gender? Schedule your gender DNA test to find out baby’s gender now.

What to expect during an ultrasound when 7 weeks pregnant.

So much growth within the 7th week of pregnancy that can now be seen on ultrasound. Your brain is growing and we can see the rhombencephalon aka the hindbrain. This is seen as a dark fluid-filled circle inside of the head on ultrasound. There is a ton of growth going on at this time, making your baby’s head appear much bigger than the rest of its body. Don’t worry though, the rest of your baby’s body will catch up during the many growth spurts that happen throughout pregnancy.

7 Week Ultrasound at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique

Check out one of the ultrasound services provided by Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique of a mom who received a Peeping Mom service to confirm pregnancy.

Doppler during the 7th Week of Pregnancy

Some of our competitors like to tell you that you can hear your baby’s heartbeat at 7 weeks of pregnancy. Here at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique, we place you and your baby’s safety as our top priority. AIUM sets guidelines used by diagnostic clinics and states that Doppler should not be used during the 1st trimester of ultrasound. We use M-Mode to “see” the contraction and release of your baby’s heartbeat and measure the heart rate. This is the safest alternative to using Doppler during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Fun Facts about the 7th week of pregnancy

  • Your baby is about 10,000 times bigger than when it first started its journey
  • Your baby is generating new brain cells at the rate of approximately 100 per minute
  • Little arm & leg buds are developing
  • Organs such as the kidneys, bowel, lungs, and stomach are all forming
  • Baby’s face is forming around the mouth
  • Large eyes, earbuds and a wide forehead are all present