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Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal ideas

This past week I had an influx of families book appointments for our Peekaboo Gender DNA Test.  One family had already entrusted Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique a few times for pregnancy confirmation services and now was able to book our Peekaboo Gender DNA test to find out their baby’s gender. 

Gender Keeper Information

During our intake of information for our gender DNA test, we ask mom whom she wants to be the gender keeper.  She wasn’t really set on one person or another.  This was an all too familiar situation for our clinic, as we see this quite often. 

Keeping it a true secret

Sometimes our families don’t necessarily have a person they entrust with the sex of the baby.  So that’s when Peeping Moms will step in and offer our complimentary gender keeper service. 

Peeping Moms can be your gender keeper

We can keep your baby’s gender a complete surprise and assist in setting up a way for you to get the news.  We also coordinated and set up a gender reveal for her that she wouldn’t forget.

Getting the results

I received the sex of her baby the night before her family was scheduled to come in.  When I got the email and had all the information I needed, I went to work on our reveal for her family. 

The Reveal of Choice

I’ve seen around the internet several different ways to create memorable gender reveals.  There are so many great choices and ideas on things to do for the gender reveal. The one I truly was interested in and wanted to execute was the fire extinguisher gender reveal.  This seemed like such an appropriate way to announce what this family was having. 

How we set up the gender reveal

My husband, who happens to be a Maintainer in the USAF is pretty good at figuring things out.  I solicited his help in executing this idea I had, and he was excited to help me in making this happen!  We went through some trial and error on how to set the fire extinguisher up and get the results we were looking for. We were able to fill the fire extinguisher with enough powder to really get a good blast.  It really had the effect I was looking to give this family in their gender reveal!

The day of the reveal

We scheduled the mom and her family to come in at the end of the day on Friday for a free ultrasound to view her baby.  During the family’s ultrasound service, our massage therapist Anne & our receptionist Mariah were quickly setting cameras up and getting things ready outside to capture this experience for our family. After watching the baby’s precious little heartbeat, getting measurements, and showing this little one off to grandma, dad, mom & big brother we brought them outside for the big reveal.

The sex of the baby is…

The reveal packed the punch that I really was hoping it would!  While the family gathered outside, I assisted them in counting down and revealing that their newest little bundle of joy is a baby BOY!  Little brother is excited, Mom told dad “I knew it was another boy”! This family is excited to bring another baby boy into the mix of their beautiful life together. 

Gender Reveal by Fire Extinguisher

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique is so honored and happy to be able to be a part of your family’s baby showers, gender reveals, and pregnancy journey.  The love, joy, bonding, and peace of mind that our services bring to our moms-to-be are priceless.  I get just as much enjoyment out of them as my expecting moms and families do!

Book your Gender DNA Test today and let Peeping Moms help plan your gender reveal!

Thank you to each and every one of our clients who make Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique possible. 

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It’s a Boy!!!! This fire extinguisher gender reveal was everything I thought it would be!