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8K – Realistic Baby Imaging

8K Realistic Baby Images

What in the…

Have you heard of real baby 8K images? 8K realistic imaging is an add-on service that is offered by Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique in Riverview, FL. We were the FIRST clinic in 2022 to bring this brand new service to the Hillsborough County area. Giving our Moms & Dads a hyper-realistic image of their unborn baby. This service gives you the most realistic image of your baby before they are born.

What is an 8K Realistic image?

8K Realistic baby images are a service that is done after your 5D ultrasound service is performed. It is post-processing that is offered to accompany our already amazing 5D ultrasound images. This gives you hyper-realistic images of your baby before birth. After your 5D ultrasound is done, a select few of your images are sent out to artists who make detailed alterations to the best image sent, all by hand digitally.

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique provides these artists with the best possible images of your baby. They then smooth, pigment and texturize the best image possible from those sent to them by our facility.

How long does it take?

While we would love for this to be an instantaneous transformation, it does take the artists a few days, typically 3-5, to provide us with the best possible images.

What if…

What if my baby isn’t fully facing the front? We can take the ultrasound images obtained during your session and provide them with the closest possible frontal view. Although, we’ve seen quite a few that really come out great with your baby’s face turned. What if there is something in my baby’s face? We do our best to alter and eliminate the things, such as the umbilical cord, placenta, hands, feet, etc. out of the way. The artists we use do a very good job of being able to smooth out the majority of any of those items that can be in the way. If the baby is completely uncooperative, we bring you back for another session, free of charge. Your baby’s ultrasound images do NOT need to be perfect in order for you to get a beautiful 8K Realistic Image.

When is the best time to have an 8K Realistic image done?

We advise our moms-to-be to book an appointment for our Baby 8K Realistic service after their 27th week of pregnancy. At this point in your pregnancy, your baby has grown and is now gaining weight. The bigger and more mature your baby is, the better the features. We also get to capture things like your baby’s eyes open or tongue out.

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique strives to bring you the most up-to-date services that the elective ultrasound business has to offer. We continue to seek the newest offerings and technology available on the market for our clients.

You can view more examples of Baby 8K images on our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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5D Ultrasound images on top, 8K Realistic Baby images on the bottom
5D Ultrasound images on top, 8K Realistic Baby images on the bottom

Are you Pregnant?!

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We are having a baby!!! We're Pregnant!
We’re PREGNANT!!!!

Did you just find out you’re pregnant?

First off, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re pregnant! There are likely so many emotions running through you right now. You are probably excited, scared, nervous. Wondering what the next steps are in navigating through this wonderful and stressful journey?

Don’t worry, this pregnancy blog will help guide you on some of the next steps and tips.

What’s my due date?

Do you track your menstruation on an app or in your calendar? Are your cycles regular or irregular? There are so many factors that can affect the answer of how far along you are. In female anatomy, we base the due date and gestations on a 28 day cycle. Sure, the majority of women are somewhere around the 28 day menstrual cycle, that doesn’t apply to everyone.

Tracking your menstruation on a calendar or app is an accurate way of knowing how long your cycles are. Knowing exact dates is helpful when trying to determine how far pregnant you are. This will also help in determining a proper due date.

estimate due date

Powered by calculating due date app

Alternatively, another way we accurately determine your gestation is to schedule a 1st trimester ultrasound. Proactively, scheduling your first OBGYN appointment around weeks 7-10 is best.

1st Trimester Ultrasound Types

There are several methods of performing 1st trimester ultrasounds. As a Sonographer, I typically use 2 methods of performing 1st trimester ultrasounds. The more common methods are trans abdominal & trans vaginal ultrasounds.

Trans abdominal ultrasound

Trans abdominal ultrasound is the most common method of medical and elective ultrasound. Ultrasound gel is applied on the skin near the organs that need to be viewed. 1st trimester ultrasounds will be done in the pelvic region and correspondingly, the ultrasound gel will be placed near your pelvic bone and the areas adjacent. Trans abdominal ultrasound is the most common method used for elective ultrasound clinics.

Trans vaginal ultrasound

Have you ever wondered why you are required to fill your bladder for your first trimester ultrasound appointment? Your body is made up of several different layers: adipose tissue (fat), muscle, tendon, functional organ tissues, etc. Ultrasound waves have to penetrate through different tissue types and thicknesses that each have different rates of penetration and attenuation. Sound waves penetrate well through fluid as a result, give us a clearer focus on the surrounding tissue. Basically, your bladder and uterus are best friends, they are always hanging out and next to one another. Thus, we use the bladder as a “window” into your uterus. A full bladder helps the Sonographer obtain better images.

Alternatively, why don’t I typically need a full bladder for 2nd & 3rd trimester ultrasound? The amniotic fluid surround your baby provides the primary “window” for imaging.

Trans vaginal ultrasound is the “gold standard” for 1st trimester ultrasound scans. This allows the Sonographer to obtain images at a closer distance. Specifically, an ultrasound probe is inserted into the vagina. This gives the ultrasound waves less distance to penetrate the other body tissues. During the later parts of pregnancy, trans vaginal ultrasound is used for visualizing the cervix or other hard to see areas. Trans vaginal ultrasound should only be performed by an educated and trained Sonographer or medical provider.

1st Trimester services offered at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique offers services to expecting moms as early as 6 weeks pregnant. For $69, we offer a service called the PEEPING MOM that would allow you to come in to view what’s going on in your womb. Our services are elective and don’t need a doctor’s order.

This service includes:

  • 15 minute trans abdominal ultrasound
  • 2-3 black and white prints
  • Baby’s heartbeat measured in M-Mode
  • Email with all images taken
  • YouTube video of your scan to share with friends and family
  • Measurements and due date calculated
  • Brief explanation on what’s happening in your womb

Additionally, we also offer diagnostic ultrasound services with an order from your doctor. Our 1st trimester ultrasound is only $99! Find out more about our diagnostic services.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our 1st trimester services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via call or text (813)647-9099.

BEST 3D Ultrasound Images, how to prepare

How to prepare for my 3D Ultrasound Appointment at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique

We often get questions from expecting moms prior to their elective ultrasound service at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique. “What can I do prior to my ultrasound?” Should I drink something just before my 3D Ultrasound service? Do I need to eat so baby will move?”. We get so many questions regarding the preparations for your 3D Ultrasound service. Here are a few answers to how you can prepare for the BEST 3D Ultrasound and what should be done before your appointment at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique.

Here are a few tips on preparing for the BEST 3D ultrasound image quality and appointment experience:

Drink, Drink, Drink….WATER!

  1. DRINK WATER!! We ask our moms to double up on their water intake the entire week before an ultrasound. A good rule of thumb is to at least drink half of your body weight in water. An example of this would be, if you weight 150 pound, drink AT LEAST 75 ounces of water. To obtain the BEST 3D/4D ultrasound images are much clearer with fluid surrounding baby. More fluid means better quality 3D ultrasound images. Having a good amount of amniotic fluid in front of your baby’s face will help increase our odds of getting those beautiful 3D, 4D, 5D Ultrasound images that Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique is known for!

**It usually takes 2-4 days for fluid to reach the amniotic sac from drinking, which is why we ask that you increase your water intake the ENTIRE week before. Last minute water binging doesn’t help. Increasing your water intake helps increase your chances of having the best ultrasound experience.

Unless you are coming in for a 1st trimester ultrasound, this does not mean a full bladder

Read more about how much water to intake during pregnancy

Drinking water increases your odds of getting those perfect 3D ultrasound images.
Drinking water increases your odds of getting those perfect 3D ultrasound images!

Eat approximately 20 minutes prior

2. Eating and drinking approximately 20 minutes prior to your appointment may make the difference if your baby is asleep during the entire session or if we see baby in action.

The choices in what you eat and drink as well as amounts can also affect your ultrasound experience.  Please be mindful of the choices of what you drink and eat, as well as quantities.  While, yes, sugar can help with baby moving around, if too much sugar or too many carbs are eaten prior to your service, baby can be in a “carb coma” and want to nap. 

We suggest eating something sensible that has a balanced amount of sugar/carbs and also drinking something prior to your service.  Caffeine will generally provide a boost for the baby’s motion as well, however, we suggest staying away from carbonated drinks like soda due to the gases it can release in the stomach and GI track.  These gases sometimes make it more difficult for us to get a clear 3D/4D/5D Ultrasound image of baby.  Ultrasound does not penetrate well through gas.

Your baby, just like you will have a reaction to the different foods and drinks you put into your body. Whether those foods are carb heavy or balance in nature. Think about the way you feel after you’ve eaten or drank whatever food or drink you are thinking of consuming just prior to your appointment. It’s likely your baby will have the same reaction. So if you are going to eat donuts prior to your ultrasound service at Peeping Moms and you know that they make you tired 30 minutes after consuming them, it’s likely that it will have the same affect on your baby as well.

Have something sensible to eat before your 3D Ultrasound
Have something sensible to eat before your 3D Ultrasound

What if that didn’t work?

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique strives to provide our expecting moms with the BEST 3D ultrasound services and experience. If after you have eaten and drank something and baby is not moving as much or being uncooperative, we do try several techniques in the clinic.  More times than not we are able to get baby to move into a more optimal position for viewing and beautiful 3D, 4D & 5D Ultrasound images you came to Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique for. If we have a hard time getting back to cooperate, then we bring you back in for a FREE repeat scan.

Although we reference our services in this blog to 3D Ultrasounds, we offer so much more! Check out all of our services available.

If you still are unsure of what service you would like, contact us for more information.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

SNOO Smart Sleeper


Snoo Smart Sleeper & the Happiest Baby, Inc.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is sold by Happiest Baby, Inc. that was founded by Dr. Harvey Karp, the world-renown pediatrician and best-selling author of Happiest Baby / Happiest Toddler on the Block. Dr. Karp is recognized with discovering that infants are born with an innate Calming Reflex, which is triggered by 5 steps that imitate the womb—Swaddling, Side-stomach position, Shushing, Swinging and Sucking—the so-called 5 S’s. Millions of parents, doctors and hospitals worldwide have turned to the 5 S’s to effectively calm fussing.

In 2016, Dr. Karp launched the SNOO Smart Sleeper, a responsive bassinet that solves the #1 parent complaint: exhaustion. SNOO “hears” crying and automatically responds with gradually stronger white noise and rocking motion to soothe fussing. Additionally, SNOO’s built-in swaddle prevents risky rolling, making it the only sleep solution that keeps your baby safely on the back—all naps/all night—as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Assistive Technology

Now if you are pregnant or have given birth recently you have probably come across the SNOO Smart Sleeper when doing research on the best baby sleepers or bassinets on the market. The SNOO Smart Sleeper is one of the highest rated baby bassinets on the market right now. It comes equipped with technology to assist in lulling your baby back to sleep to help reduce parental fatigue and exhaustion.

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Client Review

Some of our clients at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique, Jordan & Samantha Thomas, who frequented our clinic often throughout their pregnancy recently posted the image above of their adorable daughter Sydney. She’s a recent “graduate” of the SNOO Smart Sleeper. This is what Samantha had to say about their purchase of the SNOO Smart Sleeper & the products made by Happiest Baby, Inc. when I asked her if I could use Sydney’s picture for this blog. “😂 it’s seriously the best. Yeah, I definitely think we got more sleep because of it. And the peace of mind is well worth it for me.”

Sydney in her SNOO Smart Sleeper
Our clients, Jordan & Samantha Thomas’ daughter, Sydney, is a recent graduate from her SNOO.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper does come at a cost of course. But more parents than just Jordan & Samantha Thomas find that the price is definitely worth it. You can read more reviews and thoughts regarding the Happiest Baby, Inc. on Good Housekeeping.

Cost & Options of the SNOO Smart Sleeper

The SNOO Smart Sleeper comes with a price tag of $1695.00. If that seems a little out of your price range, they actually now have offered a rental program! For literally just dollars a day, you too can have more rest and peace of mind with giving your and your baby the best possible sleep. Currently, they have two options for their rental program, $159/month or sign up for a 40% savings with a 6 month commitment of only $99/month.

Find out more on how you can

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