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Paternity Testing

Paternity Test Vile with gloved hand
Paternity testing is now available at Peeping Moms Ultrasound in Riverview


Most families come to us with a joyous outlook on their pregnancy. We also know that there are some families that are going through some stressors and struggles with issues such as paternity. Peeping Moms Ultrasound can help with your legal and non-legal paternity testing. We can determine the paternity as early as 7 weeks gestation if you are pregnant, or after your child’s birth.

What is a Legal Paternity test?

A DNA paternity test compares a child’s DNA profile with that of the possible father to determine if there is a match. 

A legal paternity test is valuable because you can use the test results in court. Unlike the tests you can take at home, where the people tested can’t be legally identified. 

This test will give you THE answer, in a legal document.

Legal DNA paternity tests include verifying participant IDs, witnessed DNA collection by an approved and impartial party, and a strict chain-of-custody process. 

What is an At Home test?

If you want accurate paternity answers fast but don’t need results for legal reasons like child support or custody, then an at-home paternity test is right for you. A home DNA paternity test is for personal knowledge and peace of mind. This test will not stand up in a court of law. We offer these kits in our office for purchase.

NIPP – Non-invasive Paternity

You’ve just discovered you’re expecting. Did you know paternity testing while pregnant is possible, even as early as 7 weeks’ gestation

The Certainty™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test available exclusively through DDC is fast, accurate, and completely safe for both the mother and the pregnancy.

 It is THE ONLY AABB Accredited Prenatal Paternity test available!

Is it really possible to get a baby’s DNA from the mother’s blood sample?

Yes! Free-floating fetal DNA combines with the mother’s DNA by passing through the placenta into the mother’s bloodstream. The test is able to compare genetic data from the unborn child with the possible father’s genetic data to produce a probability of paternity.

Immigration DNA Testing

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) has the most AABB-accredited facilities capable of processing immigration cases. The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) recommends DNA testing to prove biological relationships for many who have submitted form I-130 (or others).

Immigration DNA testing has proven to help expedite the immigration-application approval process.

DDC makes the DNA testing portion of the immigration process simple for our clients. Our specialized Immigration Team has worked with immigration agencies, embassies, petitioners, and beneficiaries around the world for more than 20 years, so you can trust us with this important step.

Questions regarding our paternity testing?

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6 Week Ultrasound

We offer early pregnancy confirmation ultrasounds at Peeping Moms Ultrasound. Typically these scans are done in an OBGYN, Midwife or Ultrasound clinic during your first visit.

Sometimes it is hard to get into your OBGYN or Midwife in a timely manner. For this reason we offer early pregnancy ultrasounds to help give expecting moms that peace of mind.

6 week pregnancy 2D ultrasound showing fetal pole (baby), yolk sac & gestational sac
6 Week 1 day pregnancy ultrasound showing fetal pole (baby) & yolk sac

Do I need an order from my doctor?

Not for our Peeping Mom service. If you book our Peeping Mom service, we can provide you with peace of mind by showing you the development of what’s happening within the womb. This early pregnancy scan is perfect for expecting moms who want to see what’s going on inside of the womb at 6 weeks.

Diagnostic ultrasound services are available and would come with a report for your provider. Offering our diagnostic services in trans abdominal as well as trans vaginal. Our 1st trimester diagnostic ultrasound is only $99 for our cash pay clients.

What is seen on a 6 Weeks on Ultrasound?

  • Gestational Sac
  • Fetal Pole (Baby)
  • Baby’s heartbeat – using M-Mode – This is the safest way!
  • Yolk Sac
  • Number of babies

How big is my baby at 6 weeks?

Your baby is roughly 1/5 – 1/4 of an inch. That’s the size of a sweet pea. A Sonographer measures the baby by measuring from the crown to rump, also known as CRL or crown rump length. This is the most accurate way of dating pregnancy.

Check out this 6 week ultrasound on our YouTube channel!

Can I see a heartbeat on a 6 week ultrasound?

Yes! In most cases, we can see a baby or fetal pole’s heart beating on an ultrasound. A normal heart rate at 6 weeks pregnant is 90-110 beats per minute.

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Mobile Massage

What is a mobile massage?

Mobile massage, or In-Home Massage, is where a massage therapist comes to you for your massage session. Whether you’re at home, a hotel, at the office, the massage therapist will come to you with an appointment booked in advance. 

Making these beneficial services available when you have extra time without the hassle of traveling. This is ideal for anyone looking for convenience and the comfortability of relaxing in your own space! 

What to expect during an In-Home Massage Session?

A massage should make you feel good. Get to know the steps beforehand so you’re feeling as relaxed as possible before going into your In-Home massage appointment.

The massage therapist will arrive at your door at the specified time. We will bring everything needed for the massage session. Oils, creams, music, massage table, and any other needed supplies for your individualized session.

You can guide the massage therapist to an area in your house where they can set-up for the session. They will require a few minutes to set-up. Payment is requested before the session starts.

While the therapist is setting up they will usually ask you to fill out a simple health questionnaire and waiver. When the set-up is complete and the waiver has been signed, the therapist will give you the space to undress. This is done to your comfort level and to get ready for the massage session. The massage therapist will also need access to a sink for washing their hands before and after your massage session. 

During your massage be sure to let your therapist know if there are any problems such as too much or too little pressure, if you need to use the restroom or get a drink of water, or if anything is just feeling uncomfortable to you. Communication is very important, as your therapist is there to help you relax and feel better, we want you to be as comfortable as possible!

After your massage, your therapist steps back out of the room to wash their hands and allow time for you to get dressed. When we finish the therapist will need a few minutes to clean up and take down their massage table. 

Why choose In-Home Massage over a spa or massage parlor?

Choosing mobile massage over a spa or massage parlor, you directly support massage therapists and also get unmatched convenience and flexibility all the while having a spa-quality massage delivered to your door. Home massages offer the same convenience you experience when you get food delivered to you!

Check out our massage services offered in office.

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Baby’s heartbeat

Capturing baby’s heartbeat

Our 2nd & 3rd-trimester ultrasound services come with a Doppler of your baby’s heartbeat. Doppler is what is used to get the audible sound of your baby’s heart beating. We are able to listen to the sweet pitter-patter of your baby’s heart beating. It is the most amazing sound in the world!

We print out a 2D ultrasound image of your baby’s heartbeat that is captured during each ultrasound. Measurements are also taken of the beats per minute or BPM at this time to tell you what your baby’s heart rate is.

Heartbeat Keepsakes

After we have captured your baby’s heartbeat, we are able to offer many keepsakes for our families. One of the most treasured ones is our Heartbeat Keepsake Jewelry. We take your baby’s heartbeat and send it in for a custom, treasured piece of custom jewelry to be made for you to treasure forever!

These keepsakes are a wonderful baby shower gift or push present for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or anyone else who will treasure your baby’s heartbeat. Interested in putting additional heartbeats on jewelry, such as siblings, mom or, dad? We are able to capture their heartbeat or voice to have a custom piece of jewelry made for them too!

Check out more keepsakes here.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Animals

Your baby’s heartbeat is magic to your ears!

Our Heartbeat Bear collections allow you the opportunity to capture your little one’s heartbeat and sounds in an instant.

Our cuddly collections of stuffed animals make the perfect gift for baby showers, gender reveal parties, or just because. Gifting one of these to family, friends, or even to yourself is an incredible way to cherish your little one’s heartbeat. This truly is a stuffed animal you will never outgrow!

Peeping Moms stocks a wide variety of My Baby’s Heartbeat Animals for you and your family to choose from. In addition to our animals, we also have Doppler picture frames to choose from to send to family afar.

Check it out!

Check out all of our awesome services available. Make sure to tell your Sonographer that you want to add one of these amazing keepsakes to your appointment.

7 Weeks Pregnant


During the 7th week of pregnancy, your little baby is approximately 1 cm from crown to rump. Your baby is approximately the size of a blueberry now. Baby’s eyes and ears are developing at this stage. We can clearly see the baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound. Want to know your baby’s gender? Schedule your gender DNA test to find out baby’s gender now.

What to expect during an ultrasound when 7 weeks pregnant.

So much growth within the 7th week of pregnancy that can now be seen on ultrasound. Your brain is growing and we can see the rhombencephalon aka the hindbrain. This is seen as a dark fluid-filled circle inside of the head on ultrasound. There is a ton of growth going on at this time, making your baby’s head appear much bigger than the rest of its body. Don’t worry though, the rest of your baby’s body will catch up during the many growth spurts that happen throughout pregnancy.

7 Week Ultrasound at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique

Check out one of the ultrasound services provided by Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique of a mom who received a Peeping Mom service to confirm pregnancy.

Doppler during the 7th Week of Pregnancy

Some of our competitors like to tell you that you can hear your baby’s heartbeat at 7 weeks of pregnancy. Here at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique, we place you and your baby’s safety as our top priority. AIUM sets guidelines used by diagnostic clinics and states that Doppler should not be used during the 1st trimester of ultrasound. We use M-Mode to “see” the contraction and release of your baby’s heartbeat and measure the heart rate. This is the safest alternative to using Doppler during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Fun Facts about the 7th week of pregnancy

  • Your baby is about 10,000 times bigger than when it first started its journey
  • Your baby is generating new brain cells at the rate of approximately 100 per minute
  • Little arm & leg buds are developing
  • Organs such as the kidneys, bowel, lungs, and stomach are all forming
  • Baby’s face is forming around the mouth
  • Large eyes, earbuds and a wide forehead are all present

Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal ideas

This past week I had an influx of families book appointments for our Peekaboo Gender DNA Test.  One family had already entrusted Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique a few times for pregnancy confirmation services and now was able to book our Peekaboo Gender DNA test to find out their baby’s gender. 

Gender Keeper Information

During our intake of information for our gender DNA test, we ask mom whom she wants to be the gender keeper.  She wasn’t really set on one person or another.  This was an all too familiar situation for our clinic, as we see this quite often. 

Keeping it a true secret

Sometimes our families don’t necessarily have a person they entrust with the sex of the baby.  So that’s when Peeping Moms will step in and offer our complimentary gender keeper service. 

Peeping Moms can be your gender keeper

We can keep your baby’s gender a complete surprise and assist in setting up a way for you to get the news.  We also coordinated and set up a gender reveal for her that she wouldn’t forget.

Getting the results

I received the sex of her baby the night before her family was scheduled to come in.  When I got the email and had all the information I needed, I went to work on our reveal for her family. 

The Reveal of Choice

I’ve seen around the internet several different ways to create memorable gender reveals.  There are so many great choices and ideas on things to do for the gender reveal. The one I truly was interested in and wanted to execute was the fire extinguisher gender reveal.  This seemed like such an appropriate way to announce what this family was having. 

How we set up the gender reveal

My husband, who happens to be a Maintainer in the USAF is pretty good at figuring things out.  I solicited his help in executing this idea I had, and he was excited to help me in making this happen!  We went through some trial and error on how to set the fire extinguisher up and get the results we were looking for. We were able to fill the fire extinguisher with enough powder to really get a good blast.  It really had the effect I was looking to give this family in their gender reveal!

The day of the reveal

We scheduled the mom and her family to come in at the end of the day on Friday for a free ultrasound to view her baby.  During the family’s ultrasound service, our massage therapist Anne & our receptionist Mariah were quickly setting cameras up and getting things ready outside to capture this experience for our family. After watching the baby’s precious little heartbeat, getting measurements, and showing this little one off to grandma, dad, mom & big brother we brought them outside for the big reveal.

The sex of the baby is…

The reveal packed the punch that I really was hoping it would!  While the family gathered outside, I assisted them in counting down and revealing that their newest little bundle of joy is a baby BOY!  Little brother is excited, Mom told dad “I knew it was another boy”! This family is excited to bring another baby boy into the mix of their beautiful life together. 

Gender Reveal by Fire Extinguisher

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique is so honored and happy to be able to be a part of your family’s baby showers, gender reveals, and pregnancy journey.  The love, joy, bonding, and peace of mind that our services bring to our moms-to-be are priceless.  I get just as much enjoyment out of them as my expecting moms and families do!

Book your Gender DNA Test today and let Peeping Moms help plan your gender reveal!

Thank you to each and every one of our clients who make Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique possible. 

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If you have any gender reveal ideas you’d like to see us try out, send us a suggestion via text or social media.

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It’s a Boy!!!! This fire extinguisher gender reveal was everything I thought it would be!

Infertility ultrasound

IVF, Infertility, IUI
Infertility and the role of ultrasound
Infertility and the role of ultrasound

Infertility Statistics

Let’s talk about infertility statistics in the united states. 1 in 5 women are unable to conceive within one year. Within that 20% of women, 1 in 4 women have trouble pregnant or carrying to term. The CDC calculates these statistics.

Purpose of ultrasound in infertility

Expecting moms have ultrasounds, but it’s also important in infertility to have regular ultrasounds performed as well. Having ultrasounds allow for a baseline evaluation of your uterus, ovaries, and surrounding tissues. Serial ultrasounds may also be necessary to monitor and evaluate how your body is responding to your menstrual cycle or to medications. Having continual or serial ultrasounds during the evaluation of your menstrual cycle plays an important role in diagnosing any potential issues that may arise.

Services specifically for IVF & Follicular Monitoring

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique offers our Follicular Monitoring Monitoring ultrasound for only $149 for your first visit and $99 for each subsequent visit after that. The journey you are on through infertility can be an expensive one that insurance doesn’t always cover. We want to help lessen the burden by providing a quality diagnostic ultrasound service at a great price.

Our Personal Perspective

Prior to opening Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique in Riverview, Florida, I worked for multiple Baycare facilities. My last facility was one that provided IVF and follicular monitoring ultrasound services. Since meeting so many of those women going through those journeys, I’ve always wanted to continue helping them in any way that I could. It was for this reason that I added diagnostic ultrasound services to the many services that are offered at our ultrasound clinic.

I empathize and understand your fertility journey and look forward to being a part of your journey to conception and beyond!

Check out all of the diagnostic ultrasound services offered.

For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call or text us at (813)647-9099.

Prenatal massage benefits

What is prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage uses techniques similar to those during a Swedish, but with modifications to accommodate for the safety and wellbeing of you and your baby. Prenatal massage is performed by a licensed therapist that also goes through additional education and training to be able to provide massage to expecting moms.

Prenatal Massage Therapy
The benefits of prenatal massage

When can I have one done?

You can actually schedule a service through any part of your pregnancy. It is safe to schedule during your 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Although many clinics and spas will not schedule an expecting mom until their 2nd trimester, there is no indication that a massage cannot be performed during your 1st trimester.

Depending on how far along you are will depend on the modifications that need to be made to ensure you receive the most comfortable and safe massage experience.

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Pregnancy creates a lot of changes inside of your body, many times causing physical stress and strain on certain areas. The further in pregnancy you are, the more uncomfortable it tends to get. Here are a few benefits of having regular massages done:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Decrease symptoms of depression & anxiety
  • Relieve muscle aches & joint pains
  • Improve labor outcomes & newborn health
  • Mood regulation from stress relief
  • Reduces swelling from the strain on your circulatory system
  • Reduces nerve pain from areas such as your sciatic nerve

To read more about the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy, read this article from the American Pregnancy Association.

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique provides massage therapy services to our moms. Our therapist is trained, educated and experienced in providing prenatal massage therapy for our clients. She takes her time to listen to your concerns and works on the areas that are in need of relief. For only $69, we offer a 1 hour prenatal massage. If you are available for services on Thursdays, we also offer a package of our 1 hour prenatal massage as well as a 5D ultrasound for only $139!

Looking to perk up your prenatal massage a little more? We also offer belly and foot scrubs as an add on service as well.

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique also offers services for those who are not expecting. We offer Swedish as well as deep tissue.

Find out more about our services.

Ultrasound – 13 Things Moms Should Know

13 Things Moms Should Know About Ultrasounds

Pregnancy presents itself with so many emotions. Having your first ultrasound will ignite feelings of excitement as well as nervousness and anxiety. First-time mom? Not really knowing what to expect or 3rd-time mom…the feelings are all generally the same. At Peeping Moms, we perform your services by an educated and trained Sonographer that is here to make your experience magical!

We have accumulated the top 13 things you should know about pregnancy ultrasound to give you a better idea on what services are available and what you can expect.

1. Ultrasound basics

In general, ultrasound provides a ton of valuable information about the well-being of your baby. Ultrasound work by creating images using a camera or transducer producing sound waves that then travel through your body, bouncing off of your organs and coming back to the transducer to create the images we see on the screen.

2. 1st Trimester Ultrasound

Typically first performed between weeks 7-10, will be the foundation for determining how far along you are. We measure your baby during your first trimester and performing what’s called a CRL or Crown Rump Length gives the most accurate depiction of your due date.

3. A 2D ultrasound

The most commonly type of ultrasound used is 2D. This is your typical black and white images that you see medically and electively. We offer our 2D ultrasound service for only $69 named appropriately the Peeping Mom. Our Peeping Mom service offers our first trimester moms a great way to confirm pregnancy as well as check on what’s going on in your womb. We give your clients an education breakdown of what is going on inside of your body at that time. We offer our services as early as 6 weeks, but if you schedule earlier and we don’t see your baby’s heartbeat due to earlier dates, we will reschedule you free of charge.

4. Gender Determination on Ultrasound

If you are at least 15 weeks pregnant, we can determine the baby’s gender on ultrasound. We know that your baby’s gender is an important factor for most families. There is so much planning that revolves around whether the sex of your baby is male or female. Our Peeping Mom service is bookable for gender determination.

5. 3D ultrasound

3D ultrasound is the first option of being able to get a look at your baby’s features in the womb. The ultrasound machine receives sound waves just like the 2D, but in multiple planes. This gives us the ability to view the images in a volumetric manner. Seeing your baby’s face for the first time is priceless. Being able to see your baby’s face creates an even stronger bond between mother and baby. 3D imaging is also an amazing way to connect your family member with your pregnancy, creating memorable moments for everyone! Peeping Moms offers our 3D ultrasound called Peepin’.

3D ultrasound is not covered by insurance unless it is medically warranted.

6. 4D ultrasound

4D ultrasound is just like 3D, except it’s done in real-time! That’s right, you can view your little one as he or she is yawning, sucking on their thumb, or flexing some muscles for us. Watching your baby blow kisses and interact with the noises and actions that are going on outside of the womb is an absolutely amazing experience! We use our state-of-the-art Samsung machine to view your baby’s movements and actions inside of the womb, all in real time.

7. 5D/HD Ultrasound

Peeping Moms prides itself on having the latest, up-to-date technology in the ultrasound industry. 5D & HD ultrasound is the same technology, just branded differently based on the manufacturer of the machine. This technology gives us even better imaging than our 3D counterparts. The amount of detail and ability to contrast the baby’s features and surroundings makes her look almost realistic.

We provide these images in high definition, electronically, to give you the ability to share and save them for a lifetime! Booking our Peep Show Ultrasound service is an awe inspiring experience that should be shared with the whole family!

During our 5D Peep Show session at Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique, we also provide the 4D experience as well. Giving you and your family the most amazing view into your womb.

Baby Hudson gave us the full show during his Peep Show 5D Ultrasound
8. Risks of Ultrasounds

Ultrasound comes with no risk to mom or baby. Ultrasound is actually the preferred modality of imaging in most cases due to the fact that there is absolutely no radiation involved.

9. Book as many sessions as you’d like

With the perk of ultrasounds being no risk to mom or baby, you are able to view your baby as often as you’d like. While we know that the number of ultrasounds provided by your doctor or medical provider’s office if very limited, most of that is due to insurance costs and staffing. In fact, it’s common practice in other countries that a quick ultrasound is done at each office visit, just for a quick check on baby’s wellbeing. This is where Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique comes into play. For peace of mind, we are here to offer our services to expecting moms and families as often as they would like to view their baby.

10. How long are appointments

Peeping Moms Ultrasound Boutique books all of our services in 30 minute appointment slots. We do not feel the need to rush through our services like most other clinics do. We want our expecting moms and families to receive the full experience.

11. Why would I need an ultrasound?

Medically, ultrasounds are generally performed for dating pregnancy, anatomy & overall wellbeing of you and your baby. The information specifically obtained during your diagnostic medical ultrasound is very important for the journey of your pregnancy.


There are some wonderful benefits of having an elective ultrasound done. There is research that shows having regular ultrasounds reduces anxiety and stimulates bonding between mom and baby. Being able to actually see that your little one’s heart is beating and they are bouncing around in there give you a sense of relief. Also, including family members helps to create a strong bond between dad and baby as well as siblings and baby. Decreasing stress and anxiety in an uncontrollable situation is beneficial for mom & baby.

It’s an amazing experience and a great opportunity to get to know your baby before they are born.

13. Creating a unique and memorable experience

Each and every ultrasound throughout your pregnancy is going to be unique. Your baby is on a continual journey of growth and development and giving you a view into your womb is an amazing way to get the full experience of pregnancy. The ability to see growth and change through each phase is an amazing way to capture each part of your pregnancy journey.

Peeping Moms has created a relaxing and intimate environment with trained professionals to give you that unique and memorable experience you deserve. When choosing where you are going to have your elective ultrasound services performed, make sure the center you choose has professionally educated and trained personnel that can provide you with the best and safest experience available!

You can find examples of more of our images on our website , our Facebook page, instagram or Pinterest.

5D Ultrasound Vs. 3D

What is 5D Ultrasound?

5D Ultrasound is a multidimensional ultrasound image that is created by the transducer providing multiple images at once, where the machine then interprets them and turns them into a volumetric image. 5D ultrasound can also be labeled as HD or high-definition ultrasound.

What’s the difference between 3D & 5D?

3D ultrasound & 5D is very similar. 3D ultrasound is a primitive technology for obtaining detailed, multidimensional images of babies. While 5D ultrasound also does this, it is said to cast a “light” onto your baby’s image, creating more detail, effects, and shadowing to give much more detail. 3D Ultrasound is more of a sepia-toned image, whereas 5D ultrasound is more of what I like to refer to as a “Rosey” tone. 5D ultrasound allows for more of a life-like rendering of the baby’s features.

1st trimester 5D ultrasound image

1st trimester 5D

1st Trimester in 5D

While of course, you have to take into consideration how far along you are, I feel like 5D ultrasound. has a unique experience in every trimester. In the 1st trimester, your 2D ultrasound looks like a grain of rice or maybe even a gummy bear in the very early stages. With 5D ultrasound, you are actually able to see those little arms and leg nubs that are forming. To me, this makes a huge difference in the perception of what is going on inside of your womb. We include a sneak peek of your baby in 3D & 5D with our 1st trimester ultrasound scans, just to give you that initial experience! It’s absolutely amazing to see those fine details and what your body is creating!

2nd Trimester 5D ultrasound

In the 2nd trimester, your baby actually looks like a tiny human now! The rapid amount of growth that goes on inside of your body is truly awesome! Even more, detail is available for us to see. Your baby has grown tremendously and is now working on a lot of the details. While the details are forming, your baby is still small at this point and doesn’t have a lot of fat. Sometimes, depending on the week you visit us for your 5D ultrasound, your baby may look a little “generic”. We start to see features, but there is still a lot of growing to be done.

2nd Trimester 5D

5D ultrasound in the 3rd trimester

This is the time frame that the real magic happens. When your baby has matured, fattened up, and is putting on the finishing touches! Our best images are typically done in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We can see the most amount of your baby’s details during this time frame.

3rd trimester 5D ultrasound

When is the best time to book an appointment?

We typically suggest that our expecting moms book their ultrasound appointment with us between weeks 27 and 34. During this time frame, your baby has matured enough to see all of the details, but also still has enough room and amniotic fluid to obtain those really beautiful 5D images. Although, we can obtain some really great images beyond the 34th week of pregnancy. We always suggest to our moms-to-be to hydrate for at least 5-7 days prior to their appointment to ensure there is enough amniotic fluid surrounding your baby.


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