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The Tampa Bay area is rapidly growing. To no surprise, there is an over abundance of younger families flocking to our beautiful climate and amazing attractions. Tampa is an amazing place to raise a family! I should know, we have chosen Tampa as our home to raise our girls. With the rapidly progression in population, there hasn’t been as much expansion in the OBGYN and Midwife scene. Our “big brands” of OBGYN care have opened more offices, but understaffing has plagued many of these offices. These issues trickle down to patients, who are now having to wait longer times to get in to see a provider.

How is Peeping Moms helping Tampa Moms?

Peeping Moms Ultrasound offers a safe, comfortable, professional, reliable, and affordable setting for expecting moms to take advantage of a unique clinic setting. Allowing the moms of Tampa, Riverview, Brandon & surrounding areas to check in on their baby. Offering services as early as 5 weeks, all the way until just prior to giving birth.

What type of ultrasound services are available?

Peeping Moms offers elective (non medical or fun) and diagnostic (medical) ultrasound services to the families of Tampa & surrounding areas.

How much is an elective ultrasound?

We have a variety of elective ultrasound services offered to our clients. Our elective ultrasounds (non medical) are offered starting at only $69 ranging into $179. The type of ultrasound you are looking for will depend on the pricing.

How much is a diagnostic ultrasound?

Our diagnostic ultrasound services cater to mostly “cash pay” clients. We are working on credentialing with insurance companies to accept insurance in the very near future. Our diagnostic prices are very competitive with those bigger brands surrounding Tampa. We offer diagnostic ultrasound services at a very reasonable price, starting at only $99.

Need ultrasound services for your patients?

Peeping Moms Ultrasound is open to helping the medical community of Tampa. We are here to offer our services in a safe, professional, and reliable atmosphere. For any questions, please contact Stormy at (813)647-9099 or at peepingmomsultrasoundboutique@bcleaves

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